HERMETIC at ACHEMA 2018: Sealless Technology Unlimited

The newly established pump portfolio dominates the presentation of HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH at ACHEMA 2018. We have divided our product range into two sections to continue meeting different customer requirements. Under the slogan “Sealless Technology Unlimited”, we are presenting the E-Line and V-Line pump series to the trade public for the first time. Another highlight at our stand is an E-Line pump developed for the Engineering Division of Linde Group that will come into operation after ACHEMA in one of world’s largest gas processing plants.

For more than 150 years, HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH has been offering all essential technologies for hermetically sealed pumps to convey demanding and hazardous media. Our prominent position on the world market is the result of the technological excellence of our products and the inventiveness of our employees. Superiority proven in practice: HERMETIC pumps are useable at fluid temperatures from –160°C to +450°C, system pressures up to 120 MPa and power ratings from 1 kW to 690 kW. To date, over 275,000 HERMETIC pumps have been used worldwide for the most difficult conveying tasks.

Our claim is boundless enthusiasm for extraordinary challenges. Quality, long life and reliability of the products are the core of our HERMETIC brand. We are an experienced and proven development partner to industry. Especially in the areas of oil & gas, chemicals and refrigeration, we offer our customers outstanding technical competence. However, our canned motor pumps are also at home in many other industries.

The benchmark is high. Not only for the manufactured pumps, but also for their production and sales processes. Increasingly demanding technical systems and projects on the part of users as well as the dynamics of the market environment require reliable production and logistics processes.

Increasingly demanding technical systems and projects on the part of users as well as the dynamics of the market environment require reliable production and logistics processes.

Considering the needs of its customers, HERMETIC has restructured its pump portfolio and divided it into two areas. At ACHEMA 2018, we will be presenting both series to the trade public for the first time. The exhibits of the E-Line illustrate the technological superiority of the canned motor pumps in terms of customer-specific requirements. The new V-Line, on the other hand, focuses on needs-based performance, delivery time and price.


HERMETIC V-Line: You select – We produce

The name says it all. The solution for demanding applications in defined areas: Proven pump series and designs with best delivery times thanks to our own process-oriented production line. Needless to say, in the proven HERMETIC quality with suitable monitoring technology.


HERMETIC E-Line: You define – We design

The starting point: Special customer requirements due to extreme areas of application and hazardous conveying media that the V-Line cannot cover. Our customers define the requirements. The HERMETIC experts develop the perfectly tailored canned motor pump. Manufactured to the highest performance and quality requirements. Finally, a comprehensive test in our innovative test bay. The result: Each pump is one of a kind manufactured in thousand-fold proven HERMETIC quality.

The trade fair slogan “Sealless Technology Unlimited” is both message and mission: HERMETIC has the technology that makes everything possible. Our customers choose from the newly designed programme the pump technology that is ideal for each project in terms of application, delivery time and price.


Exhibits of the V-Line in single-stage and multi-stage design

HERMETIC will be presenting the new V-Line in two versions to the visitors of the exhibition stand. As a single-stage canned motor pump type CN–CNF available in 2 types, 9 sizes, four motor sizes and 2 material versions. Type CN is suitable for liquid handling systems and type CNF for liquid gases, boiling media and condensates.

In multi-stage design: the canned motor pump type CAM. This type is suitable for liquids near vapour pressure as well as for standard applications. This pump series is available in 3 sizes, 6 motor sizes and 2 material versions. Upon request, all V-Line products are also available with the rotor monitoring system ACS.

Multistage HERMETIC E-Line canned motor pump type TCAMF 90/3 in submersible pump design

In addition to the V-Line exhibits, another highlight on the stand is an E-Line canned motor pump we specially developed and manufactured for Linde Group – one of the world’s leading gas and engineering companies: A multistage canned motor pump TCAMF 90/3 in submersible pump design weighing more than 8,000 kg.

Before the masterpiece that impresses both technically and in terms of dimensions, will come into operation in a natural gas processing plant in eastern Russia, the submersible pump will be on show at ACHEMA. The exhibit illustrates the mature development process and the technological excellence of E-Line. The customer obtains a tailor-made product that meets exactly the requirements for safety of people and the environment.

ZART® – Zero axial forces

All designs and series of canned motor pumps comply fully with HERMETIC quality standards. Particularly impressive and a unique selling point compared to products of the competition is the ZART® technology: Zero Axial and Radial Thrust. The combination of high-quality plain bearings and comprehensive axial thrust balancing results in contact-free and wear-free operation of HERMETIC canned motor pumps. The axial forces are completely compensated. Specially developed systems such as MAP for E-Line and ACS for V-Line monitor the position of the rotor and provide information on undesirable operating modes or process conditions. ZART® guarantees an extremely long service life and reliability of HERMETIC pumps in the processes of our customers and increases the economic efficiency of plants.

HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH – Sealless Technology Unlimited!

With around 750 employees worldwide and sales of more than € 85 million in the 2016/17 fiscal year, HERMETIC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sealless canned motor pumps for handling demanding and hazardous media. The E-Line and V-Line pump series are used in a variety of applications, including the chemical, oil and gas industries and refrigeration technology.

HERMETIC is a family-run company. With around 20 sales offices in the EU, NAFTA and China, 11 service centres and 75 agencies and distributors, the company is represented in the world’s most important technology and sales markets. The comprehensive consulting and service network of our customer service guarantees a prompt and reliable processing of all inquiries. HERMETIC celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2016.