Application Reports

Use of hermetic centrifugal pumps in various industries

Application report Wind power

Canned motor pumps for cooling inverters in wind turbines

During the operation of inverters and transformers, high heat emissions develop that must be dissipated to allow continuous operation. Due to the high demands of wind turbines, refrigeration systems with canned motor pumps from HERMETIC ... Read more

Application report Railway industry

Canned motor pumps for cooling inverters in rail vehicles

During the operation of inverters and transformers, high heat emissions develop that must be dissipated to allow continuous operation. Due to the high demands of the rail industry, refrigeration systems with canned motor pumps from HERME ... Read more

Application report Fisheries

Canned motor pumps for fisheries

Fishing and fish processing is an important part of the food industry. To ensure perfect conservation of the caught fish, large fishing boats often have a cooling chamber including refrigeration system. The refrigeration systems are ofte ... Read more

Application report Supermarket

Canned motor pumps for high-pressure CO2 systems

Decentralised, pump-less cooling systems are often installed in smaller supermarkets. For large supermarkets or distribution centres of supermarkets, central refrigeration systems are much more attractive due to their higher efficiency. ... Read more

Application report Research

Canned motor pumps for research facilities

As part of environmental and climate protection, industrial refrigeration technology is increasingly demanding solutions that reduce direct emissions of refrigerants as well as overall energy consumption. Another important area where ref ... Read more

Application report Server room

Canned motor pumps for server room cooling

Given the explosive growth in web hosting and cloud computing, data servers are playing an increasingly important role in business and society. The reliability of the servers in the sensitive areas of banks, insurance companies, authorit ... Read more

Application report Cold stores

Canned motor pumps for industrial cold stores and deep-freeze centres

As globalisation continues, the worldwide demand for deep-freeze centres and industrial cold stores increases. Especially food but also pharmaceuticals must be stored temporarily. The requirements range from deep-freezing with temperatur ... Read more

Application report Sport facilities

Canned motor pumps for sport facilities

Many winter sports facilities, such as luge tracks, figure skating arenas or even indoor ski and snowboard centres require operating temperatures below 0 °C. CO2 / NH3 cascade systems are often used for this purpose ... Read more

Application report Food industry

Canned motor pumps for the food industry

In the food industry, cooling circuits are installed covering the process steps from food production and processing to food conveying and temperature controlled storage. As the handling of food requires increased safety control, hermetic ... Read more

Application report Pharmaceutical industry

Canned motor pumps for vaccine production

While a world without vaccinations is no longer imaginable, the production of vaccines is often extremely difficult. A wide variety of challenges must be met in high-tech processes and a highly regulated environment. For example, some va ... Read more

Application report Ice cream production

Canned motor pumps for ice cream production

The production of ice cream is a special area in food production. In particular, the prevention of contamination and ensuring permanent production are crucial. For this reason, hermetic systems such as canned motor pumps are often used t ... Read more

Application report Baked goods

Canned motor pumps for deep-freezing baked goods

Flake ice or ice water are often used to lower the temperature of baked goods, for example in the kneading process in bakeries. This counteracts the heating introduced into the dough by the kneading process. In the summer months, ice wat ... Read more

Application report Ammonia applications

HERMETIC canned motor pumps for ammonia applications

Hermetically sealed, low-maintenance pumps that are suitable for extreme applications and hazardous liquids are the core competence of HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH. With its CAMT and CNF series, the canned motor pump specialist provides safe and ... Read more

Application report Chemie

Canned Motor Pumps for TDI Applications

TDI (Toluene-2.4-DiIsocyanate) is an important intermediate product for the manufacture of adhesives and foams for mattresses and upholstery (such as car seats), polyurethanes (such as shoe soles), elastomers, coatings and high-quality p ... Read more

Application report Chemie

Canned Motor Pumps for Methanol Applications

The methanol processing market plays a significant role in the global chemical industry and shows steady growth. Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, is produced from fossil fuels such as natural gas or coal and increasingly from rene ... Read more